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    All Wheel Horse Tractor Manuals

The following archive sections contain Owners Manuals (OM), Integrated Parts Lists (IPL), Service Bulletins (SB), Service Manuals (SM), Engine Manuals (by Engine Model/Spec #) and Transmission Manuals (by Transmission Model Number) for all of the Wheel Horse Lawn and Garden Tractors manufactured between 1955 and 2006.

NOTICE: We Need Your Help! All manuals displayed as a RED link are manuals contained on this website, any manual displayed in plain, BLACK text are manuals known to exist which we currently do not have available. 

If you have an electronic copy, or a high quality photo-copy of any Wheel Horse Tractor Owner/Operator or Integrated Parts List, or any other manual type please consider donating a copy to us. 

Contact us today if you can help us help the Wheel Horse Community. Click Here to contact us


We have broken the Tractor Manuals section into sections in order to better accommodate the breadth of information available:

  Pre - 1967: Commonly referred to as the "Round-Hoods", or "Early Pond-Era" machines.
1968 - 1973:  Commonly referred to as the "Late Pond-Era" machines.
1974 - 1981:  Commonly referred to as the "AMC-Era" machines.
1982 - 1986:  Commonly referred to as the "Munn-Era" machines.

2-9.  WH Tractors : 1982 - 1986

1987 - 2006:  Commonly referred to as the "TORO-Era" machines.

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