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Wheel Horse RJ-58, RJ58 Ride-Away Jr.
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 Garden Tractor Restoration How-To & Tutorials  (6 pages)

A collection of Restoration Techniques and How-To Tutorials concerning the restoration of Lawn and Garden Tractors and Associated Implements.

 1958 Wheel Horse Ride-Away Jr. RJ-58 Restoration  (23 pages)

This article is the time-line restoration process of a 1958 Wheel Horse Ride-Away Jr. RJ-58

 1973 Wheel Horse 10 HP 8-Speed Model 1-0365 Restoration  (3 pages)

The restoration of a Wheel Horse Model #1-0365 10 HP 8-Speed Lawn and Garden Tractor.

 Stainless Steel Reproduction RJ-58  (1 pages)

This is a stainless steel reproduction of a 1958 Wheel Horse Ride-Away Jr. - RJ-58 by Brian M. (aka "BuckRancher")

 1971 800 Automatic  (1 pages)

1971 800 Automatic

 RJ-58 #2  (3 pages)

This document will illustrate the proper process for a ground-up restoration using "Lessons Learned" for the first RJ resotration..

 1961 Wheel Horse 701  (2 pages)

Restoration of a 1961 Wheel Horse 701 acquired on  March 02, 2011.

 NOS - 44  (1 pages)

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