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These documents are for personal use ONLY!

    How to use this archive.

Wheel Horse Trademark Logo - www.MyWheelHorse.com

My Wheel Horse Manual and Documentation Archive - www.MyWheelHorse.com

Welcome to the Wheel Horse Manual and Documentation Archive.

Our aim is to create the largest, most inclusive, free to the public, Wheel Horse Documentation Resource on the Inteet. We are singularly dedicated to the preservation, and free and open distribution, of all Wheel Horse Products, Inc. manuals and related Wheel Horse Lawn and Garden Tractor technical documentation.

Please bear with us as we are still (read that ALWAYS) coordinating, collecting, and posting new data almost on a daily basis. This is a very time consuming work effort and the sites content will increase over time as we complete the initial phases of starting this site.

Please review the Site Instructions below to lea how to navigate and use this website. Thank you for visiting, and if you can, please contribute your manuals to the archive.

Site Instructions:

1. First and foremost, you MUST have the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader® installed on your computer. The reasons for this are three-fold;
1) The most current Acrobat Reader version will contain the latest security fixes and is therefore safer to use;
2) Adobe Reader versions earlier than version 7.5 contained security risks which were corrected in later versions; and;
3) 99% of the manuals contained here are Adobe PDF-formatted documents.

To insure a safe and correctly functioning experience, PLEASE upgrade your Adobe Reader to the latest version by clicking the following link. This link will take you to Adobe's website and the most recent version of Adobe's software.http://www.Adobe.com

2. The menu system in the upper-right coer of this page displays major documentation sections, with sub-sections below each major section.

Start at Section 1.1 - Finding Your Manuals and follow the directions contained on that page. To go there now, Click Here

3. That's it - Enjoy!

:: We need your HELP! ::
:: Tractor & Engine Manuals Needed! ::
If you have, or know the where-a-bouts, of any Wheel Horse Products, Inc.or related documentation which is not already contained on this website, please contact us.
We will add all new documents to this archive for the benefit of the Wheel Horse Owners and Collectors community world-wide.

Click Here to contact us

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