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Warning: Documents on this site MAY NOT be used for Re-Sale
These documents are for personal use ONLY!

1-1.  01.01 - Finding Your Manuals
01.01 - Finding Your Manuals
    01.01 - How to locate the correct manuals for your machine or equipment

Model, Serial and Specification numbers are necessary in order to correctly identify your tractor, major attachments, and replacement parts. Locations of tractor, attachment and engine ID Plates differ so please follow the directions below in order to locate the appropriate numbers.


A. To locate the Model and Serial Number, look in the following areas on your machine, then make record of the numbers for later use on this site.
  1. Left front horizontal frame member immediately behind the front grill, look for a plastic sticker.
  2. Left side of your machine, on the left side of the Firewall upright (Hood Stand). Look in the center or upper right coer for a black and white metal tag riveted to the Hood Stand.
  3. Below the dashboard, on the rearward facing side of the firewall (Hood Stand), look for a plastic sticker or riveted metal tag in either the upper right-hand coer of the hood stand or centered on its face.
  4. Lift your seat forward (if it does so), and look for the sticker attached to the fender pan under the seat, look for a plastic sticker.
If you are having difficulty identifying your machine,
or the original Model/Serial tag is missing from your equipment,
visit our associates website for further assistance.

B. Once you have located the Model and Serial Number of your equipment, the list below will enable you to identify the Year of Manufacture and several other key build configuration details about your machine. Search the document below for your Model Number. Looking to the right of your Model Number you will find the Year of Manufacture and other details pertaining to your machine.

Click below to locate the configuration specifications for your machine:

C. Now that you have verified the Model Number, Serial Number and Year of Manufacture you can use the list below to identify the correct attachments for your tractor. Locate your model number along the top row of the page and look below the Model Number to identify the correct attachments for your machine.

Click below to view the Attachment Interchange-ability List
(to locate the correct attachments) for your machine:

D. The menu system to the right contains major headings and sub-headings. Familiarize yourself with the list so as to gain quick access to the files you desire based upon the previous three steps.  You can locate any machine or attachment by the Model Numbers previously identified in steps B and C.


You will need Adobe Reader ® in order to view most manuals on this website. If you do not already have Adobe Reader installed on your computer, click the image to the right to download and install the latest version from www.Adobe.com.


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