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1-8.  RJ-58-59 Documentation
RJ-58-59 Documentation
    Wheelhorse Ride-Away Jr. 1958 RJ-58 Restoration Documentation


Depending on the level of accuracy you intending for your restoration, or more accurately stated "the level of authentically reproducing the status of the original", the more documentation you will be required to locate. IPB's (Integrated Parts Break-downs) only show you part numbers and each parts relative positions in the machine. They almost never indicate the manufacturer's practices in assembling the machines, nor do they normally give any dimensional data. Many of these things you will need to find on your own either through research or asking questions on public forums dedicated to the purpose.

Don't underestimate the value of the bulletin boards (such as RedSquare, MyTractorForum, and MyWheelHorse.com

, among many others) for the invaluable information you can receive which is not publicly available through other sources. Do your research and collect your resource documentation before you start the restoration, as this information will insure you accomplish the correct level of authenticity you desire.

The following documents and source information is used as reference materials for this restoration:

RJ-58 Specifications
Model Number RJ-58  
Serial # Range 00001 to ~24000  
Model Year 1958  
Product Name RJ-58 Tractor  
Product Brand Wheel Horse  
Product Type Riding Products  
Product Series Lawn Tractor, Pre '74  
Swath Deck Optional  
Discharge Deck Optional  
Engine/Motor Manufacturer Clinton & Kohler  
Engine/Motor Size# 3 - 4 HP (depending on which engine was installed)  
Engine/Motor Model # B1200-xxxx, B1290-1107, K90-27107D, K90T-27107D K91-31307A, K91-31388A  
Engine/Motor Type 4 Cycle  
Engine Starter Recoil  
Transmission Manufacturer Wheel Horse  
Transmission Model # 5003  
Transmission Type Gear  
Transmission Speed 3 Speed  
Wheel Horse RJ-58 Manuals:

Wheel Horse RJ-58-59 Owners Manual (1.0 Meg)

Wheel Horse 5003/5010 Transmission Manual (1.0 Meg)

General Restoration Tutorials and Product Information
POR-15 Utility/Cycle Fuel Tank Repair Kit (Supplier Website) Plastic Steering Wheel Restoration (Tutorial Website)
POR-15 Tank Cleaning/Restoration Kit Instructions (1.0 Meg) POR-15 Steering Wheel Restoration Kit (Web Link)
DECALS - Mayhew's Reproductions (Web Link)  
Attachment Manuals

32" Front-Mount Sickle Mower, CBR-32 (1.0 Meg)

Wheel Horse SPR-42 Snow Plow Attachment (0.2 Meg)

32" Cut Rotary Mower, RMR-32 (1.0 Meg)

Wheel Horse 30" Front Reel Mower LMR-30 (0.2 Meg)

General RJ-58 Documentation RJ-58 Engine Manuals

1958-1964 Wheel Horse Round-Hoods (4.0 Meg)

Wheel Horse Seal and Bearing Cross Reference (1.0 Meg)

Wheel Horse Seal Cross-Reference Chart (0.01 Meg)

Kohler K90 IPL (1.0 Meg)

Fairbanks-Morse Kohler Rewind Starter (0.7 Meg)

Kohler K91 Engine Manual (0.6 Meg)

Kohler K91T Operating Instructions Manual (1.0 Meg)

Clinton Service Manual (1.0 Meg)

RJ58/59 Optional Equipment RJ58/59 Parts Breakdown RJ Advertisement - Front RJ Advertisement - Back
RJ58/59 Optional Equipment RJ58/59 Parts Breakdown RJ Advertisement - Front RJ Advertisement - Back
RJ58/59 Full Page Ad - Circa 1958      
RJ58/59 Full Page Ad - Circa 1958      

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