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2-2.  Transport to Pennsylvania
Transport to Pennsylvania
    (May 31, 2009)


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My wife and I left Tennessee on May 31, 2009 and headed back to Pennsylvania. With the tractor completely disassembled it was a surprisingly easy fit in the back of our KIA Sportage. The day before leaving TN, I snapped the progress picture shown below. The picture was taken Saturday morning and a few more parts were primed after this shot was taken.

  1. The Hitch (sitting on the left rear tire, top right corner as pictured) was later primed.
  2. rn
  3. The two attachment hanger plates for the plow were primed.
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  5. Due to the late arrival of an appropriately sized gear puller, the Brake Drum, and Left Wheel Hub were removed, stripped, cleaned and primed.
  6. rn
  7. The Plow Blade was completely stripped, cleaned, and primed except the areas around all of the welds. Several welds need to be repaired and one of the skid shoe tubes is missing a jam nut. The bad welds and jam nut must be welded before restoration continues on this piece.
  8. rn

Wheel Horse RJ-58  Exploded Diagram View

 "Exploded Diagram" View  
Upon our arrival home, all of the parts were unloaded from the vehicle and moved into my garage for further work. All restoration work was intentionally halted awaiting the arrival of the parts machine from Vince.

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