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1.  So You Want To Restore and RJ-58 or RJ-59
So You Want To Restore and RJ-58 or RJ-59
    Starting Your first Restoration - Basic Process of Tractor Restoration

Basic Restoration Process:


The following is the basic restoration process approach I use when I begin an RJ-58 restoration. The reason I have chosen this process is based on the "Lessons Learned" after completing my first RJ-58 restoration. When I completed the first one I realized I had done some things out of order and took far longer than it should have taken. That said, the following process allows me to complete several of the steps in tandem, but also gets me to a "rolling frame" far quicker. The following pages will break-down the individual step into detailed descriptions of each.


Obviously acquiring your RJ-58-59 is the first step in the process and will not be elaborated upon. You know when you find one you want to restore it.

  1. The cost of restoration
  2. rn
  3. Collect required documentation
  4. rn
  5. Assess current condition and parts required to complete
  6. rn
  7. Plan your restoration process
  8. rn
  9. Begin tear-down
  10. rn
  11. Restore rims and tires
  12. rn
  13. Restore front axle and steering components
  14. rn
  15. Restore forward frame
  16. rn
  17. Restore transmission
  18. rn
  19. Assemble the rolling frame
  20. rn
  21. Restore engine and exhaust system
  22. rn
  23. Restore fenders and toolbox
  24. rn
  25. Restore seat and seat spring
  26. rn
  27. Restore the hood, belt cover and heat shield
  28. rn
  29. Restore the hood, throttle cluster, and steering wheel
  30. rn

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